The federal government, State of Wisconsin, and OSHA all have regulations in regards to lead-based paint and protecting the safety of building occupants and/or construction workers who may be impacted by lead-based paint. The EPA through HUD recommends that all residential houses and other “child occupied facilities” built before 1978 be assumed to contain lead-based paint. In addition, many manufacturing or industrial facilities may contain even more areas with lead-based paint than the residential properties. Use of lead in these areas may extend beyond 1978.

The driving force behind the regulations is that Lead Paint is Poisonous. As the paint ages, it can deteriorate by peeling and chipping, and thus cause lead dust. This lead dust can then be swallowed or inhaled. Construction or renovation activities may create even higher exposures to lead dust for workers and other building occupants.

NorthStar performs x-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing and/or paint chip sampling with laboratory analysis that identifies lead through all layers of paint. Reports include all testing results, a summary of lead painted areas, areas of noticeable deterioration and a recommended course of action. NorthStar conducts lead paint inspections throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.


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